Gutter Cleaning

One of the worst tasks for every rainy season is cleaning out those dirty Rain Gutters. The build up with leaves, dirt, and bird droppings every year can be a messy job. We at Sac Valley Clean realize that you all work hard Monday through Friday and just want to enjoy your days. Cleaning Rain Gutters yourself can be hard, time consuming , dirty, and down right scary being on a ladder. Never the less the season still comes and it must be done in order to protect your home from water damage. Rain Gutters are recommended to be cleaned once or twice every year, depending on the area you live. If water is not properly diverted a wide range of problems can occur:

  • Rotted fascia
  • Foundation issues
  • Gutter pulling off side of homes
  • Water leaking inside

Our company specializes in Rain Gutter Cleaning and has all the proper equipment to ensure the job gets done properly. We will blow off the roof if accessible and necessary. We will scoop out all debris and muck from the gutters. We will also complete the job by flushing each down spout with water, ensuring that your rain Gutter System is fully functional for the next rain storm.

Comitted to serving El dorado Hills, Folsom And surronding Sacramento area.

Our Services


Professional Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Costly Repairs  Can happen If Your Gutters Are Notmaintained Properly
  • All Cleaning Is Done By qualified technicians
  • No Mess, headache or Stress
  • Downspout Cleaning always includes
  • All garbage disposed in green waste container

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Why us?

We are a cleaning company that specialises in window cleaning, gutter cleaning and some other things as well. We have been in this line of work for the longest of times now and having been in it for this long we can safely say today that we have excelled at the work that we do. Our team of highly experienced and skilled workforce possess the capabilities of leaving you completely satisfied with our work. We do not compromise on quality and settle for nothing below perfection. Moreover, the prices that we charge for our services are very reasonable keeping in mind the excellent quality of service that we provide to our trusting clients.